At Ana Maria Beaute, we are infatuated with beauty; all it encompasses and its endless possibilities.

Our primary focus is on personal and beauty care product development and lifestyle development. We started as a lash brand in 2017 and saw the gap present in the beauty industry in Africa.

Our mission is to provide enthusiasts with a one stop shop for everything beauty related. We are committed to providing beauty solutions thats are cruelty free and safe for all our users. We also are strong advocates for human rights and are constantly striving to make sure it reflects in every aspect of the brand.

To create a beauty utopia; a haven you cant live without.

We recognise the unique needs of customers and churn out a variety of products and services that provides a solution for every individual.

By maintaining competitiveness, we will saturate the market with quality products at affordable rates for all and would make it a daily responsibility to become parts of everyone’s daily lives.

officially a #lashaddict 💛. Where can I purchase in my city?


My girlfriend loved all the styles I got her


I finally said goodbye to my helium lashes today. I’ve used the same one since last year. Please I need another one


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