I am an ADDICT

I am an ADDICT

Yes Yes

I am addicted to lashes and I cant see any reason why every beauty invested female doesn’t have this particular addiction.

Lets take a drive through lashville and by the end I am sure I wouldn’t need to do a lot of persuading because you would be hooked on these baddies.

Allow me introduce you to this heavenly pieces ***drum roll please***. I know mothers aren’t supposed to have favourites but I’ll be biased to these babies because who wouldn’t really.

If you haven’t seen our unboxing video and stumbled on this page by magical coincidence, hold up for one second and follow this link for your viewing pleasure

Named, “Lash Addict” because its befitting of this status.

For this piece,we decided on a themed collection to gauge peoples interest and reaction & hopefully integrate this types of launch into our future plans.
If you like what you see please let us know.

This limited edition Lash Addict Collection is made from cruelty free premium mink hair and designed with the most flexible, ultra thin cotton band and fluffy 3d look. These pieces contain stand out features while maintaining a natural level of volume for an effortless lash look. This collection was made for our consumers who are a bit intimidated by our 3D faux mink lashes. The Lash Addict Collection is designed for any and everyone that can take you from day to night, from work to events or anything in between.

Naming this baddies was back far the most interesting part of creating this collection. I am very intentional when christening these pieces because your name lives on even after you die. It was our intention to take you to the stars with these 3 constellation goddess; Aquarius (The Water Goddess), Luna (The Moon Goddess) and Aurora (The Goddess of Dawn).

Which of the styles would you most likely rock? Cant decide if i love Aurora or Luna or Aquarius more. lol

Thank you so much for all the love so far.

Lover of life and all the beauty it encompasses.

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