9 Quick and Easy Hacks For Applying False Eyelashes Like A Pro

9 Quick and Easy Hacks For Applying False Eyelashes Like A Pro

Like most makeup lovers, There came a time in my life when falsies weren’t my cup of tea. Applying lashes came with too much hassle; if the lash glue didn’t spoil my whole eye look, the lashes would be hanging on my eyelid. After so much trials and failures, I personally had enough one-day and decided I would leave false lashes alone for my own sanity. I’ve since learnt that the problem wasn’t the false lashes-it was actually me applying it incorrectly. Delightfully I know better now, and that’s exactly why I am sharing these simple beauty hacks to have the most gorgeous lashes yet. No cosmetology/makeup artistry degree required.  

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “I can’t even apply mascara without getting it everywhere. How am I going to apply fake eyelashes?!” Trust me, I totally get. However, it’s completely possible. With a little bit of practice you can make the lashes work for you.

If you are looking to add lashes to all of your makeup looks – which you should because lashes adds that vavavoom to your makeup look, here are 9 hacks for applying false lashes like an ultimate beauty guru.

  1. Go for good quality lashes, even if it means splurging a bit 

The perfect false lashes should look natural, hair-like, feel lightweight and not irritate or scratch your lids. Any falsie that doesn’t meet this requirement can make wearing lashes uncomfortable. Buying quality false lashes doesn’t mean spending a ton of money, either.

My current go-to lashes are from Ana Maria Beaute 3D mink collection Lashes in style “Day”. These faux mink lashes are reusable up to 20 times. Sidebar: Where else would we shop lashes from but from beauty heaven. Lol. 

  • 2 Choose the right glue.

While many lash glues dry clear, there are a spare few that dry completely white. Yikes! Avoid the chances white flakes by choosing a lash glue that dries clear or black. Personally, I love using Ana Maria Beaute AM to PM lash adhesive as it doesn’t spoil my eye shadow look or black glue doesn’t rub on my lid when trying to fix it. 

  • 3 Always cut lashes to fit your eye shape.

There may be times when false lashes fit perfectly out of the pack. However, most lashes are a bit too wide and need to be cut. If you find your false lashes of choice are too large for your eyes, trim them by cutting some of the lash from the outermost part of the strip. Cut a little at a time until they are the perfect size.

  • 4 Use whatever tool makes you feel comfortable.

Most people prefer to use tweezers while others prefer false lash applicators. People like me use just their fingers. Go with whatever makes applying the false lashes least complicated for you. 

If you have shaky hands though, you’ll definitely want to use tweezers or an applicator. 

  • 6 Apply a thin layer of glue on to the lash band.

This step is important for a number of reasons baddies. For starters, a thick layer of glue will be a waste of glue, would take longer to dry out and you also run the risk of ruining your eye makeup with wet glue. In addition, thin layer of glue is way easier to peel off the lash band without destroying your falsie. 

  • 7 Always allow glue to get tacky before attempting to apply the lashes.

This is the only time baddies are allowed to do tacky stuff. This step for me is the most important but people totally miss it. If you apply falsies when glue is still wet, your lashes will not stick. This is a bad move especially if you have a liner or eye shadow because trust me I am speaking from experience wet glue will ruin your day. If you just as impatient as I am, use a blow dryer on low setting to speed up the drying process.

  • 8 Look down into the mirror instead of straight ahead.

Looking down into a mirror gives a better view of your natural lash line and makes it easier to place your falsies. Its always best to place falsies as close as possible to your lash line and looking down into the mirror does exactly that.

  • 9 Apply the center of lash first, then press on each end

Once you get the center down, applying the rest of the false lash will be 10 times easier. You won’t end up with a lash too close to the inner corner of your eye (which can be super uncomfortable) or too far past the outermost part of your eye (which will feel and look awkward). Place the center of the lash first and guide the edges thereafter. When you’ve gotten the lash fully on, press the false lash against your lash-line to ensure they’re as close as possible and secure.

Finally, bat your lashes because you are a certified baddie!!

Lover of life and all the beauty it encompasses.


  • Thank you for the write-up. Very helpful. Please how do I order the full moon lashes?

    • Thank you for taking out time to read through the blog Neca. Currently you can’t shop full moon from the website till we launch in a couple of weeks but you can place your order by sending a WhatsApp message to +2347057729411 or by sending a direct message to @anamariabeaute on Instagram. We can’t wait to hear from you baddie.

  • Great article, totally what I was looking for.

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