How To Pick The Best Lashes For Your Eye Shape

How To Pick The Best Lashes For Your Eye Shape

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Imagine a freshly baked naked cake…. Done? Okay, great! Now imagine that cake has been beautifully iced, you know the royal wedding cake kinda icing, BAM! That exact transformation happens once you pop on false lashes after a clean beat.

False lashes go from individuals to clusters and strips but when people talk about falsies, odds are they are referring to strips. Oh yeah, falsies are false lashes, in case I lost someone there. 

Here are my recommendations on how to pick the most flattering lashes for your eye type

It’s 2019, and as wildly said…THERE ARE NO RULES! Well, I agree..uhmmm kinda disagree..shhh.

Lash styles range in length, volume and flare. Preference plays an important role in selecting what you feel will best suit your style. However, to pick lashes which best complement your eyes, your eye shape should be put into consideration.


There are six common eye shapes to consider when determining what your eye shape is: monolids, round eyes, almond eyesdownturned eyes, upturned eyes, and hooded eyes/ monolids. 

When determining your eye shape, you have to ask yourself two questions: Do you have a crease and can you see it? First and foremost, if you answered no to the first question, you don’t have to move on to the second. That’s right, if you don’t have a crease on your lid, then you have monolids.


I definitely will stay away from very thick and voluminous lashes, as these will weigh down this eye shape. Use lashes that are really lighter at the inner corners with more volume at the centre to open up the eyes. This eye shape barely has any creases or have skin drooping over the crease.

If you answered yes to the first question, it’s time to take the next step in determining what your eye shape is.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are round. LoL. Round eyes have a circular, ball like shape…you get what I mean. This eye shape is really easy to detect. Look in the mirror, if your eyes look rounded. Then you have beautiful round eyes. Viola! Any technique that elongates this eye shape is most flattering. Winged lashes are your best bet.

Almond Eyes

These eyes are symmetrical and can rock almost anything! Round lashes, winged, dramatic, fluffy, you name it. Just choose lashes to flatter the exact look you are aiming for. If your eyes look anything like an almond, you fall in this category 

Upturned Eyes

Your eyes are upturned if the outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner of your eyes. This eye looks very similar to an almond eye, and can have the cat eye appearance. The perfect lashes depend on the look you are hoping to achieve. If you want to balance out your natural cat eye shape, use round lashes (shorter at the ends and longest in the centre) to give a more even appearance. Trying to accentuate your upturned eyes? Then go for lashes that fan out at the ends, i.e. winged lashes.

Downturned Eyes

The outer corner of this eye shape turn downwards. Downturned eyes have a droopy effect that can give off a sad or aged look, especially if this feature is not put into consideration during eye makeup. Use winged lashes to add dimension and create a lift.

If all these sound like gibberish to you. Pick up try them all out and make a pick for yourself!

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