5n1 Lash Pack.

5n1 Lash Pack.

Hey baddies,

So from our previous post we got reviews that we were somewhat uptight and to be honest thats not who we are or who we are trying to be. So I am in my bed writing this new post to prove them wrong. It would be really sweet if you tell us how well we did in the comment section or better still clicked the subscribe button.

What exactly do we have ?

*****Drum rolls please

Its the new yummy Ana Maria Beaute Budget Friendly 5n1 Lash Pack.

These lashes are made from mink hair, are cruelty free and aren’t 3D but have some definition to it. There is a piece on the lash pack that suits any eye shapes.

Are you already feeling the lash gospel ? If you are, shout hallelulash. 

All five pair of lashes are handcrafted from scratch. You can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into making one of these babies. They are extremely lightweight; so they don’t weigh down the eyes neither do they make you look sleepy. They are totally useable and tapered for that natural enhanced look and most importantly affordable.

We had a lot of Ana Maria baddies; MUA’s and beauty enthusiast complain about the cost of our 3D mink lashes but never stopped making purchases (WE Lurvvvv YOU BADDIES) and being a customer-centric company, we decided to fix this immediately.

This pack of 5 was carefully selected by all our stockist and our stan baddies from over a thousand samples. I kid you not. You would never believe how much product variety is available for purchase in China.

We promised from inception of this brand not to deliver basic merchandise so we didn’t go for the regular 5n1 packs already prepackaged and sold in the lash market because

“Baddies do not entertain mediocrity”

Obianuju Maria, 2019 and the future

We’ll post more pictures and videos of these pieces before they drop but before then it would be an honour if you would kindly let us know what you thinking about these babies and how much you think retail price should be.

We listen to all of your input and take our time to deliver nothing less than exceptional products to you. We appreciate all our baddies who steady choose to use our products in a market full of variety.

You all are stars!!!!!!

Lover of life and all the beauty it encompasses.


  • I personally struggle with having lashes on for a long time because of how heavy they make my eyes feel. But if these baddies are truly lightweight and will have me looking all cute without me feeling uncomfortable, then that’s a big WIN for me and I have to get my hands on them 🙂.

    • We are totally against wearing pieces that weigh your eyes down. Shopping a lash style is like shopping a foundation shade.There are a lot of things you need to put into consideration; things like your eye shape for example. I doubt you knew that. lol. These 5n1 pack are probably the lightest you’ll have on and we can’t wait for you to try them on baddie.


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