AM to PM Lash Adhesive

AM to PM Lash Adhesive

Ana Maria beaute AM to PM Lash Adhesive as the name signifies can hold eyelashes in place from AM to PM without lashes flying out. We can attest to how difficult and frustrating it is to find a good lash glue hence the creation of this product. This lash adhesive is clear and comes in a handy 5ML bottle with an application stick making it user friendly.

This glue is only suitable for external use and should be used strictly for affixing the eyelashes.

Glue Composition:

The main composition of Ana Maria beaute AM to PM Lash Adhesive includes:

-Polyacrylate 50-51%

-Water 48-49%

-Emulsifying Agent 1.5%


-Ammonium Sulphate less than 0.03%

Directions for use

Apply a generous amount of your lash glue on the lash strip and wait about 10-20 seconds then apply it to your lash line.


The glue contains polyacrylate and ammonium sulphate which in very rare occasions can cause a mild skin irritation; if user is allergic to these products and as such we strongly recommend you to carry out an EYELASH GLUE PATCH TEST before usage. This is a test carried out to ensure you do not have any adverse reaction to the composition of the lash glue. This test can be carried at home.

There are 2 methods of doing a patch test for your eyelash glue, the first one involves applying a small amount of the glue to the outer corner of your lashes while the second one involves dropping the glue behind the ear. We recommend you do both.

-METHOD 1: Apply small glue to the lashes on the outer corner of the eye and allow 24 hours to see if reaction occurs.

If nothing adverse occurred, then you should be fine to use the glue on the lash strip.

-METHOD 2: Drop glue on skin behind the ear.

This method is easier and faster, as you will only need to drop a little amount of adhesive behind the lower part of the ear as this is the most sensitive area of the ear and allow for 24 hours to see if reaction occurs.

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  • I will definitely try it

  • Great product! got one for my girl and she loved it so I’ll definitely be ordering more soon.


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